About Us

Ninbo Konit Industries Inc. is Located in Ningbo. She is a chinese-foreign joint venture that specializes in developing and manufacturing the Nd-Fe-B magnets, which is the most powerful magnetic material up to date. The company integrates the technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences with its advanced equipment and excellent managerial staff.

One of Konit's Chinese owners is San Huan New Material High Tech.Inc., which is the only Chinese licensee of Magnequench and Sumitomo Special Metals Corp., Konit is apponited as one of the factories to produce the licensed sintered Nd-Fe-B magnets.


As the biggest plant of producing the sintered Nd-Fe-B Magnets in China today, Konit has earned a good reputation owing to its high quality products, ISO9002 system, remarkable services and reasonable prices. On the principle of " Customer First", Konit would like to offer you a wide variety of Nd-Fe-B magnets of the best quality and low price. We sincerely wish to work with you and do our best for you.



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